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Mar 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
work for the country. and i'm a republican. we have a presidential candidate, mr. romney through his five sons, not one of them has joined the service. i don't know whether that is because of religion or because of their father or whether, but we have got to get away from this business of letting the people who are looking for a chopper looking for a trade for a way out of for something better for the life and they graduate high school to do all the dirty work for us. and you know, tv shows on right now, the car -- and some of the rest, why don't we have a reality tv show that shows what these young people are doing about the families families are going through that or they're doing this bad stuff for us. so mr. donohue, keep doing what you're doing. c-span, maybe you could have a show about the draft. include some congresspeople in the military generals because the military general say they don't want a draft, but they are part and parcel of the rest of this and i think that really needs to be addressed in 19 you see a lot of our young kids going off to die. >> guest: i thank you an
Mar 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
assessment of how much of an impediment is the opposition to the administration? net romney is starting to turn to the obama administration that is like pee wee herman tala n.j. mike tyson. i appreciate your assessments. >> the president said in his speech where he pointed out the only way you can get a country to not build nuclear weapons if the leadership decides not to. there is no permanent way to stop the nuclear proliferation ember crow basically we have sanctions and other tools ultimately it is the decision of the government. there is no military solution hof although he said all options are on the table. we have seen it from me a beating the drums for a more aggressive posture them that of the administration. it will be hard to get anything accomplished anything with u.s. concessions broke the best we can hope for is to have the iranians slow the program one of the problem is they keep sticking their finger in our eye and in january they announced they start to ennnounced they start to enrich uranium. it has already crossed israel's red line. if they could be sensitive to the p
Mar 2, 2012 11:00pm EST
could say that the president-elect mitt romney would be in a better position to surprise some people, many of them unpleasantly, by committing himself to the ratification in any event, that is de mullen coley note the i feel should be struck at the end of this conversation. >> with the first think the panel for all of the enthusiasm they shared with us today and let me know open the questions if you could identify yourself and put a short question. >> we have the microphone coming up. >> i haven't been drinking this morning but i was sobered up by suzanne -- [laughter] and now the situation of iran which are completely shared but it really raises the question which is is their nothing that can be done on the negotiation front to head off what looks like an inevitable military confrontation? and since then the judge judgment was the only effective way to dealing with iran speak of nuclear weapons programs is to use force in repeatedly so, if we get to that stage, is it better from the u.s. perspective for the israelis to do it or is it better for the united states to do it? >> i tend
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3